Am I a painting contractor?  Am I an artist?  I would say that I'm an innovative fusion of BOTH.  Ideally, I'd love to paint your woodwork/walls/ceilings AND also create a few unique pieces of artwork for your space!  I have found a niche in helping my clients bring to life a DURABLE version of that room they LOVED on Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook...but with an LDG Designs twist! 

LDG Designs is Registered & Insured in the state of Nebraska.

Levi's Bio:

  • Began painting homes for family business in 1997
  • Graduated from UNL in 2003 (Marketing Degree)
  • Started LDG Designs in 2006 primarily as painting contracting company
  • Began creating and selling artwork in 2008

about Levi (LDG)